Drag racing and demolition derby are two types of racing that have been taking place since the early days of the automobile. In reference to drag racing, there’s an old saying that it started as soon as the second car was built, because they wanted to see which one was faster. As soon as cars started breaking down, some moto enthusiast came up with the idea of taking them out to an open field and smashing them into each other and see who’s car can last the longest. And for some unknown reason, it took over a hundred years for someone to come up with the idea of combining these two motorsports and creating one giant shit show that happens to be seriously entertaining to watch.

This monumental occasion took place at the first annual Cleetus and Cars event which is a gathering of everything that screams “MURICA!”Cleetus McFarland is the brainchild behind the whole thing and he obviously knows how to have a good time when it comes to cars. He either used to work for, or is affiliated with 1320 video, who is one of the major sources for street racing and other one-off drag race events. The idea and rules are actually pretty simple. Two cars line up in normal drag racing fashion and start the race using the timing lights. But then the twist comes into play, the drivers must make contact before they cross the finish line and it’s totally up to them to determine when that is. So you could smash into them right off the line and then make a bee-line towards the finish line. Or go hard for the finish line and hope they do the same and hope to make contact before you cross the line. Either way this has the makings of all sorts of shenanigans and would be so fun to watch, and even more fun to participate in. The question is, what would be the best vehicle, and what would be your strategy to pick up the win? Check out this brilliant form of motorsport and get a little treat of a giant mud truck doing a burnout on top of the busted up cars at the end. Like I said before, everything that screams “Murica!”

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