The Lamborghini Huracan has been one of the main subjects in automotive news for quite some time now. And what’s interesting is how many different ways it’s featured in the news. What I mean by that is you could come up with multiple examples, such as a 2,000+hp twin turbo Huracan setting a new 1/2 mile World Record at 250mph. Or the Huracan Performante destroying the Porsche 918 at the Nurburgring and in the process setting a new record lap time. And now the Huracan is a hot topic once again thanks to some help from the extremely talented high-end tuning firm, the Novitec Group. And the end result is this absolutely stunning N-Largo Huracan Spyder.

You might recognize the term “N-Largo” from the feature we did recently on the Ferrari 488 N-Largo, or the F12 N-Largo we featured a while back. If I’m honest, at the time of writing those articles, I was under the impression that “N-Largo” referred to the specific model type. And in a way, it is. However, upon doing more research I’ve now come to the conclusion that N-Largo is more referring to the widebody kit used on the car, as well as a long list of other features that make up the “N-Largo” model. Now that I’ve clarified that, let’s talk about this magnificent bright green raging bull and what makes it worthy of the N-Largo moniker.

Photo: novitec

The first thing that comes to mind is the overall looks of the car. It’s strikingly beautiful and deserves a long list of complimentary words. But I’ll get to those in a moment. What really caught my attention with this glorious machine is that Novitec is advertising that it has a significant amount of upgrades in the performance category. To the extent that they’re claiming it has a whopping 860hp under the rear mounted hood. That’s a jump of 250hp over the stock specs, and as you imagine that’s no easy feat to accomplish. That is unless you’re talking about adding in forced induction, which is exactly what Novitec did.

But rather than going the somewhat common route and using a twin turbo setup like the ones found on the Underground Racing cars, Novitec opted to use a supercharger instead. And while I have yet to see any exact performance numbers regarding what that 860hp supercharged 5.2L V10 can do, I have high expectations based on the spectacular machines the Novitec Group has released in the past. The supercharger should make the power more user-friendly and constant throughout the RPM range. Maybe not quite as smooth and usable as the naturally aspirated V10, but that additional 250hp will quickly make you forget about any issues you might have with it no longer being “pure.”

Every report I can find on this gorgeous supercar talks about how Novitec found the sweet spot on the fine line between the Huracan being obnoxiously powerful, and the standard stock model. Some even go as far as to say this new N-Largo Huracan is a great reminder of the absolutely bonkers and unrefined Lamborghini’s of the past. That’s unrefined in a good way too. It’s raw, and maniacal, just how a supercar should be. But yet it still retains just enough of the daily driver usability that’s made Lamborghini so popular, and profitable, in the last decade or so.

Photo: novitec

Now, regarding the sexy and curvaceous body lines on this particular Lambo; nobody can argue that the N-Largo Huracan Spyder has supermodel level beauty and sex appeal. The Huracan in stock from is a great looking car, but Novitec in their brilliance figured out what to accentuate and what not to. They came up with a way to add a few bits here and there to make the Huracan look aggressive as hell, like it’s traveling at 200mph even when it’s parked on the side of the road.

When you look at the Novitec Huracan from a bird’s eye view, you’ll notice that it has a very distinct “hourglass-like” shape to it. That’s because the mid-section of the car was left at its stock width, where the body kit widens both the front and rear fenders. The only change to the middle of the car were a few modifications to the rocker panels that add vents to increase airflow to the rear brakes. Up front, it’s claimed to be about 2.5 inches wider than stock and also includes strategically placed slots and vents to help send cooling air to the front brakes. The rear is just over 5 inches wider than stock which helps give it that “high-haunch” look and also completes the hourglass.

Photo: novitec

Other key upgrades include some alterations to the suspension that reduces the overall ride height by approximately 1.5 inches. This is done for two reasons, one of which is to improve that low and wide stance of the car. And the other is to improve the overall handling of the car. That low center of gravity combined with staggered 21-inch wheels in the back and 20-inch up front is claimed to make significant improvements when it comes to turning into a corner. Apparently overall the handling is noticeably tighter than it is in a stock Huracan.

I highly doubt you, or anyone else, needed another reason to be impressed with the work that comes from the Novitec Group or the Huracan itself. But you now have one. The N-Largo Huracan Spyder is a magnificent machine and I can say with confidence that if you don’t fall in love with Lamborghini’s in general after seeing and learning about this bright green beast, you might be a lost cause. As with most Novitec models, the N-largo Huracan Spyder will only be produced in very limited numbers. Apparently, only 11 will be produced, however there is a bit of good news, they also make the N-Largo Huracan Coupe version. Although they are also only made in limited numbers. So unless you are one of the lucky individuals that have already made arrangements to own one, it’s very unlikely you’ll be able too. But hey, at least you can dream about owning one with the rest of us.

Photo: novitec

Photo: novitecgroup

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