There’s nothing like a good drag race between two very capable cars. Especially when the cars involved are street legal production cars, for the most part. The only problem is, that most diehard moto enthusiasts will be able to determine who wins before the race even starts. Take for example if the Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 lined up next to the legendary BMW E30 M3 in a roll race. It’s a no brainer right? As much as we love both cars, the Lambo would run circles around the E30 M3 and it wouldn’t even be close to a fair race. However, what if the M3 had a few tricks up its sleeve that evened up the scales a bit?

For an E30 M3 to be on an even playing field with a 580hp Lamborghini Huracan, it would require some pretty significant upgrades. Something like swapping in an S85 5.0L V10 motor from the E60 M5 that produces around 500hp in its stock form. That amount of power mixed with the lightweight body would be the perfect example of a “sleeper,” and would also make things quite a bit more interesting if the two cars happened to line up for a drag race. Especially since the Huracan is the 580-2, which means that it has rear wheel drive only so it wouldn’t have the advantage of all-wheel drive to provide that extra traction on launch.

Luckily, this wasn’t a hypothetical. It actually happened, and I think the results might surprise you. We already know that when the S85 V10 is mounted in an E46 M3 it makes one of the most magnificent exhaust notes you could possibly imagine. But how will it do in the E30 when it comes to getting the power down in a rolling start drag race? It is incredibly lightweight and a car that’s known to handle like it’s on rails. There’s got to be a reason the value of the E30 has skyrocketed over the past few years, one particular example was selling for upwards of $150,000.

We are curious which car you think will come out on top, comment below with your choice before watching the video and see how good your moto enthusiast skills are.