Chris Harris is the guy you go to if you want a true driver’s perspective on a car. He’s brilliant at it, which is why he’d been doing it as long as he has and been as successful as he has. However, most of the reviews he does are in the sports car/ supercar segment, which of course means on-road or a track. So when I see he’s jumping out of his comfort zone and going off-roading to test the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4², I can’t look away.

If there was ever a vehicle for him to test off-road, it would be the 4×4². With the massive ground clearance the 4×4² has thanks to Portal Axles, twin coil-over shocks on each corner, and a total of three locking differentials, Harris quickly determined that it’s “a very serious off-roader” and it could “go anywhere.” Which is high praise for any vehicle designed to go where most other vehicles can’t.

Harris also had high praise for the on-road capabilities of this ridiculously expensive version of the G-Wagon. He even went as far as to say that it felt 50% better than a standard G-Wagon on the regular tarmac when it comes to ride quality and responsiveness. But really, with a price tag around $250,000 there damn well better be a significant improvement in every aspect of the vehicle, which according to Harris, there is.

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