We recently talked about Bryce Menzies preparing to launch his 900hp Pro2 racing truck over a ghost town somewhere in southwest. He was planning on breaking the World Record which stood at 332 feet set by Tanner Foust back in 2011. Well this past weekend Bryce went ahead and dropped the hammer opening up all 900Hp as he bee lined towards a massive ramp where he proceeded to fly 372 feet before coming down with a near perfect landing. WE all know the suspension setups on this race trucks is beyond incredible, but to see how soft he landed after flying that far was so impressive. Granted they had to do a lot of work on the truck positioning weight in the right spots so the truck would fly straight and level. While these trucks are meant to jump, they aren’t designed to jump and essentially “fly” through the air. You can easily tell the work Menzies team put in paid off because that truck flies straight and level as an arrow.

Photo: redbull
Photo: redbull

One of the best parts of the video is hearing that high revving 900hp V8 just a screaming as Bryce heads towards the ramp. I had to watch just that part at least 4 times with the speakers blasted. I know give you the new world record holder, Bryce Menzies and his 372 foot flight, I mean jump.

Here is a POV video where the sound is even better! Plus you get a few different angles, the sound during the in-truck segment is absolutley intoxicating!

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