BMW films has teamed up with Clive Owen, again, to bring us a new short film called The Escape. If you remember back in 2001, Owen had starred in the first release from BMW films called The Hire that was a combination of 8 short films. Each film would feature a different car from BMW’s lineup. The most popular film in that series was called “Star” and it not only starred Madonna along with Clive Owen, but it was directed by Guy Ritchie and maybe most importantly featured the mighty E39 M5. You can go to the BMW blog to access all of the previously released films.

Owen is back in the latest release as the same character from the previous films, the unknown driver that has exceptional skills similar to something we saw in the Transporter series. This time his co-stars include Dakota Fanning and the newly updated 2017 540i which is obviously the overall star of the show. This isn’t your amateur or even semi-pro quality of film. It actually has stellar cinematography and Hollywood production value which we’ve come to expect from BMW. If someone walked in and saw you watching it they would most definitely ask ” what movie is this”? So take a few minutes and sit back and enjoy a well put together little mini movie thanks again to BMW films. Although we must warn you, it gets a little painful to watch that beautiful car get all shot up.

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