As far as track day weapons go, the BAC Mono is hard to beat. It’s more than capable of beating just about anything that you’ll encounter at most track day events. It’ll even beat cars that you won’t commonly see and would not expect like the P1 GTR and Radical RXC Turbo 500. And you would think that would be more than enough reason to want to own one. However, there is another one and that’s to become a part of the elite owners club and be associated with BAC as a company. The Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) cares a great deal for its customers and they go above and beyond to provide the best experience possible when dealing with their cars. With that being said, they may have outdone themselves with their latest “customer appreciation day” for lack of better words.

This last weekend BAC managed to host an “extra-special experience” at the one and the only Isle of Man, the very same circuit that’s used for the TT. That is special for a long list of reasons and was not an easy thing to accomplish. If you’re familiar with the TT you’ll know that a great majority of the course is run on public roads that have been closed for the race. And somehow, BAC managed to get full support by the government to not only close the roads but to de-restrict the speed limits so that Mono owners could drive as fast as they wanted without fear of oncoming traffic, or the fuzz coming to harass them. Instead, they just had to worry about flying off a cliff or running into a solid stone wall at ridiculous speeds.

Apparently, 12 of the street legal supercar assassins showed up and they were treated to a weekend long adventure they will never forget, at least until BAC puts on the next amazing driving event. Customers and prospective clients stayed in the nicest hotels and received a full day of guidance from the BAC team about how to handle the car when at speed on the de-restricted, nearly perfect, roads. That way when they were unleashed on the TT course they would somewhat know what to expect. BAC founder, Ian Briggs, told reporters “he wished more car manufacturers would reward customer loyalty like this,” and I can’t help but agree with him. But then again if everyone was doing something like this, maybe it wouldn’t be so special. Either way, one thing is for sure, BAC is on to something with this form of marketing because even though I wanted to own a Mono before hearing about his, I want one a hell-of-a-lot more now, and I’m willing to bet so do you.

Photo: motor1

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