Too often hot rods and muscle cars from the 70’s and older are considered one-trick ponies. Participating only at drag strips around the country when in reality, they would like to stretch their legs in a different manner as well. Urban Hillbilly showcases this brilliantly with some hot rods and muscle cars alike all partaking in an autocross event. Check it out.

Now, if that doesn’t look like fun to you something may be terribly wrong. If it does and you’re wondering why your stock muscle car doesn’t handle like that, then we have something to talk about. Because Autocross is you vs a clock with only a plethora of cones standing in the way. It’s a relatively safe and enjoyable environment to see what you and your car are made of. You can be as competitive as you want to be, resulting in all different levels of commitment. The biggest thing is its supposed to be fun, and in that respect, it delivers tenfold. While you can undoubtedly go out to any of your local Autocross events and participate in stock trim, it does help to have some chassis mods. That is if you plan on it being more than just a fun time. So what can you do to make your muscle car handle like the few in this video? Let’s take a look.

Detroit Speed is one of many companies that offer an extensive selection of aftermarket parts for your late model GM and Ford muscle cars. The North Carolina-based company’s selection covers everything from engines to interiors. All of which have been carefully tailored to track use. Although their real claim to fame is their extensive suspension parts that they offer.

While we know the suspension systems on those old muscle cars are more like your Grandpa’s farm truck than your modern day commuter car, it’s surprisingly easy to upgrade them to a new standard of performance. Detriot Speed offers full subframes replacements that bolt right in, instantly bringing your classic ride decades into the future. It’s easy and effective, meaning it doesn’t come cheap. the subframe replacements alone will set you back a solid 10 G’s, and that’s for the base models. There are cheaper options from Detroit like coilover conversion kits, but even at its cheapest you are looking at a $2,000 upgrade for your vintage ride. And that is before you upgrade brakes, wheels, and tires. Buuut, that is a small price to pay to be able to slay the autocross track better than a Miata. And you will look easily twice as cool doing it.

If you weren’t entirely convinced here is some more footage of some monster muscle cars tearing up the cone course like it’s their day job at the Good Guys Autocross event. It really doesn’t get better than vintage muscle.