We recently wrote about our experience at the Mint 400 and how amazing it was, and really we can’t seem to get enough. Now that the race has come and gone, people have had time to go home and start uploading all of the footage from the race. Slowly but surely there are some great videos coming out that really put things into perspective. The guys flying the helicopters had the best view, second only to maybe the drivers themselves, and the TSCO racing helicopter shows us just how good that view is here as they follow Andy McMillin in his TSCO Racing Trick Truck.

PHOTO: You Tube TSCO Racing
PHOTO: YouTube TSCO Racing

We are sure glad they recorded all this footage and decided to share with us because it allows you to get a closer look at just how much the suspension on these trucks have to work over the 400 mile course. Now granted, it still doesn’t really do it justice because the angle is high enough that you can’t really see how burly the terrain is. None the less, you can still see those massive 39 inch tires cycling through three-feet of suspension travel over and over again. One thing that we wanted to point out is that these trucks are only rear wheel drive. Now the huge dust clouds make a lot more sense because those rear wheel are spinning with close to 1000 hp behind them.

PHOTO: You Tube TSCO Racing
PHOTO: You Tube TSCO Racing

Mcmillin is known for having one of the most powerful motors in the biz and you can really tell with this video because there are times that even over the sound of the Helicopter, and the wind, and the distance away from the truck, you can still hear that lovely V8 grumble the #31 chews up and spits out mile after mile of harsh desert terrain. For your enjoyment here is 10 minutes of raw footage of Andy Mcmillin doing work out in the desert.


Interestingly we noticed right around the 7 min 30 second through 8 min 25 second is the exact same spot that we filmed Mcmillin flying by at well over 100mph so it was cool to see it from a different angle. I even filmed the helicopter as it went by.

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