High-end tuning firms all over the world have been battling it out over the past year to be the first GTR to break the 6-second barrier in the quarter mile. There have been literally millions of dollars spent modifying these GTR’s, to the point that some of them are now pushing out in excess of 2,500hp. History was made yesterday at the TX2K17 event when the Alpha G GTR ran a 6.93@ 196mph.

This is a spectacular achievement on many levels. Not only is it the first GTR to break into the 6-second range, but also the first all-wheel drive car. As a point of comparison, the fastest production car 1/4 mile time is listed as 9.7 seconds by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. That’s almost three full seconds, which as you know in quarter mile drag racing is a lifetime. We’ve been following the Alpha G GTR since it attempted to break into the 6’s last year at the TK2K16 event. They got pretty close when they ran a 7.14@ 212mph. It was only going to be a matter of time, and money, before the mad scientists at AMS would work out all the bugs to allow this thing to run smooth the entire length of the track. And that time is now. Check out the record run and the immense celebration by the entire AMS team.

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