Back in March, we brought you the Alpha G GTR built by the popular tuning firm AMS Performance that was debuted at the TX2K16 event this year. It’s said to be the big brother to the Alpha Omega GTR that has been a force to be reckoned with at the King of the Streets events as well as any other high-speed competition it entered. At the time of the writing, AMS was still working the kinks out of the motor that was estimated to produce well over 2,000hp, but we were looking forward to what it would do once it was running smooth.

Photo: amsperformance
Photo: amsperformance

I believe AMS entered the Alpha G in the 2016 King of the Streets competition but had some mechanical issues which prevented them from going further in the competition. Whether it would’ve been enough to dethrone Bob Helms and his Underground Racing X package Gallardo, we don’t know but hope to find out at next year’s event. But according to recent reports, AMS must’ve got the old girl working how it was supposed to because they apparently have just set a new world record for a GTR in the quarter mile. They ran a mind-blowing 7.14 second time with a trap speed of 212mph! That’s getting closer and closer to the times put down in a professional pro-mod drag car! It’s possible that the record won’t last long because there was another GTR there built by EKanoo Racing that was battling the Alpha G down to the end and even held the record of 7.16 briefly before the Alpha G upped it again. Watch AMS put down their record run, just don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

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