Just like drinking beer, fighting kangaroos, and throwing “shrimp on the barbie,” Australians take their burnouts very seriously. In fact, they’re so passionate about doing the smokiest, nastiest, loudest, and most obnoxious burnouts that they custom build high dollar, ridiculously high horsepower cars that are similar to the Pro-Mod drag cars we see here in the United States. However, they don’t build them to run lighting fast times down the quarter mile, they are built to completely obliterate tires.

Take Steve Nogas with his big block Camaro known as Killa B, for example. It started as a 2010 Chevy Camaro but now has a massive 623 cubic inch V8 with a 16/71 Littlefield blower strapped on top that runs on straight methanol. Apparently with a “soft tune,” it will produce 1,750hp, and it’s capable of much more if Steve feels it necessary to crank it up a few notches. Everything on it from top to bottom, front to back, was designed strictly for burnout competitions. It has a full air suspension that rides on 24-inch tires and wheels when not competing. The rear end has been significantly reinforced to handle the high stress of a long pull that can last up to 5 minutes or more depending on how long the tires last. Speaking of which, melting a set 24-inch rear tires every run would get too expensive, so competitors opt for tall but skinny SUV tires on a 17-inch rim because they tend to produce more smoke.

Doing a burnout is something that started with a purpose of heating up the tires to ensure better traction for launches in most forms of road racing, especially drag racing. However, people started to realize how cool it was to do a burnout and now it’s evolved into its own form of competition. One of the biggest events every year is the Street Machine Summernats held at the Exhibition Park in Canberra, or more commonly known to the locals as EPIC. More than 100,000 people attended the four-day event earlier this month.

They all watched as Steve and his Killa B Camaro took home the title of Burnout Champion while AZN from Street Outlaws rode shotgun. In what appears to be a victory lap, Nogas goes out again only this time he went out with specialized tires that produce a Papa Smurf-like blue smoke that looked pretty badass with the contrast of the yellow car. While I personally can’t even fathom spending that kind of money on a car where it’s only purpose was to make me dizzy and do burnouts, I’m sure glad someone does. Because it’s sure fun to watch.


Photo: streetmachine
Photo: streetmachine
The Killa B prior to it's yellow paint job Photo: streetmachine
The Killa B prior to it’s yellow paint job
Photo: streetmachine

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