There’s a small custom shop in Salt lake City, Utah of all places called Weaver Customs that have built one of the baddest, best looking 1970 Plymouth Cuda’s we’ve ever seen before. Notice I didn’t call it a Hemi Cuda, that’s because it doesn’t have a Hemi under that one-off fabricated hood. This Cuda could very well be the definition of what we consider to be a “Restomod“, for one main reason.

Photo: hotrod
Photo: hotrod

See under that gorgeous hood sits a 6.7L Cummins diesel that uses a compound turbo setup to provide a mind-blowing 1,500hp and tire-vaporizing 2500lb-ft of torque. You might remember us talking about the compound turbo system that was installed a Hayabusa resulting in over 500hp. The basic idea of a compound turbo is to use a smaller turbo to help spool up a bigger turbo, therefore working together and producing ridiculous amounts of power. The entire car was fabricated out of steel and the more you look at it, the better it looks. Everything from the color to the small little details like the flush-mounted glass, make this thing look like a masterpiece. Listen to Randy Weaver, owner of Weaver Customs explain the details of this incredible car.

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