What happens when you force feed 64 pounds of boost into a 2.0L four-cylinder engine in an old Mk2 VW Golf? One bad mofo with over 1200hp is what you get. When the car weighs less than a postage stamp and you slap a 1200hp motor in it, you have the recipe for something incredible fast. Like faster than any hypercar on the planet kind of fast. Which considering the level of performance available in the car market right now, that is really saying something. None of this is hypothetical either, this car actually exists and not only will it completely eviscerate anything from a Bugatti Chiron and even the mighty Koenigsegg One:1, but it will give the Kawasaki H2R a run for its money in a race to 180mph.

The Mk2 Volkswagen Golf was built and tuned by the mad scientists at Boba Motoring who specializes in taking these old hatchbacks and turning them into monsters on the drag strip. Getting this kind of performance is mind blowing for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a front wheel drive car and getting traction with that much power on tap seems to defy logic. Second, the fact that they manage to pull that much power out of a 2.0L four-cylinder motor also seems to defy every rational thought in your head. Especially when you hear the estimated specs on the car. According to reports, this thing will crank off a 0-60 time of just 2.53 seconds and a quarter mile in just 8.67 seconds at 174mph.

I recently changed my whole perception of the VW hatchback cars like the Golf and GTI when we went to a local tuning shop that specializes in Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche called Integrated Engineering. They had a front wheel drive GTI that had been converted to a drag car that puts out roughly 600hp to the wheels, and it was the fastest vehicle I’d ever been in. So my respect for these little cars has drastically increased as of late, but I can’t even imagine having a car with double the power of that GTI I rode in.

Boba Motoring wanted to show the world just how fast and powerful the Golf is and since they couldn’t get their hands on all the fastest hypercars in the world, they came up with the brilliant idea of comparing tach and speedometer videos to their car. And unless we’re seeing some sort of video trickery here, they did a great job. You can really get an understanding as to how fast this thing really is. Plus it’s interesting to watch the speedometer struggle to keep up with the tidal wave of acceleration brought on by slamming 64 psi down its throat. Keep in mind most of these cars are fitted with speedometers that show kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour like we use here in the states. I’ve done the math correctly, 290kph is the equivalent of 180mph.

To give you a baseline, the video starts out by comparing the Golf to a BMW M5 that has the 4.4L twin turbo V8 that’s good for 560hp, which by no means is a slow car. But for it to be somewhat of a fair fight, the golf waits until the M5 reaches 220kph before it launches. And by the time it reaches 270kph, the Golf had already hit 290 and had let off the power. The video continues on in this fashion facing faster and faster cars, one more impressive than the next. But what really puts things into perspective, is at the end of the film where it’s matched up against what is arguably the fastest sports bike in the world, the Kawasaki H2R. You know the one that has approximately 300hp thanks to a factory-installed supercharger. To make this somewhat of a fair fight, Boba decided not to bother racing the bike from 0-60 (0-100kph) because a sports bike is not going to be able to launch nearly as hard as a car. But the race from 100-287kph is a lot closer than you’d think.


Photo: youtube

Photo: youtube

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