Street racing is one of the oldest forms of motorsport on the planet. And as of the last couple decades or so, it’s become even more popular due to a wide variety of shows and movies, like Fast and Furious and Street Outlaws just to name a few. There’s a constant debate between the people that prefer to race only on the streets and the ones that are track-only racers. The main difference between the two, other than the legalities, is the road surface. Track racers are used to having the surface fully swept and sprayed with a sticky substance to help provide optimal traction. The street racers, however, take whatever they get no matter what the road conditions. The best way to find common ground between these two passionate groups is what’s called a “no prep” race.

No prep races are held at drag strips all over the country and bring the best of the best out for all out shootouts, or even a good old grudge racing. Thanks to social media platforms, it’s easier than ever to call out other drivers, even if they may be in another state. Take for example this particular grudge race between the “Honey Badger” and “Da Boogeyman” where the winner was scheduled to win a total of $10,000 at the No Prep Mayhem race in Wichita Kansas. Both of these cars have Promod-level performance and while exact specs aren’t released, they are very likely to be pushing out in excess of 2500hp or more. That much power on a un-prepped race surface usually means some really close racing or incredibly dangerous racing.

Unfortunately for this mean looking Camaro that goes by the name “Da Boogey Man,” it was the later of the two. The two drivers were so anxious to race each other that they not only bet a substantial amount of money on the race, but they agreed to be the “first pair down the track and right off the trailer.” That means they were racing on an unknown and unproven road at its worst. And that becomes very obvious when the Camaro knocks the tires off and smashes into a wall before doing what looks like ten or more barrel rolls. Luckily though the driver walked away without a scratch. The same could not be said for that badass Camaro, it was reduced to a pile of rubble. Sadly, that’s not where the story ends. The owner/driver of the Camaro, David Hildebrand, had his trailer catch on fire at a gas station and essentially burn to the ground.


Photo: dragzine

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